ICHI JU SAN SAI  (3 sides)

ICHI JU GO SAI (5 sides)

ICHI JU GO SAI (5 sides) / tea pairing 

Ichiju sansai is a traditional style of Japanese set meal. Consisting of white rice served with miso soup, roasted fish, vegetables sides, and an egg.  It represents the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.  There is no other menus at Lorimer Kyoto. You are invited to come and choose from our daily selection of fish prepared in four different ways such as shio yaki (salt-roasted), saikyo miso (sweet miso),  and yu-an (soy marinated). Aside from this, everybody gets the same set meal like a family.  Vegetarian option is also available.  Please inquire in advance.

Japanese tea pairing is offered with the Ichi jugosai as an option.  We will enjoy 4 different kinds of Japanese teas at different temperatures.