Brooklyn, NY



We provide ichiju-sansai set menu (a basic arrangement of a Japanese meal, consisting of one kind of soup and three side dishes) and creative ramen with the motto of important values for the Japanese food such as "Shun" "Local production and local consumption" and "Mottainai"(no waste), using wild and seasonal fish from the east coast and vegetables that are selected carefully in the farmers' market. We procure soil and firewood from New York, produce with American artists, and broadcast the wonder of Japanese food in Brooklyn, NY. We purchase whole fish and provide them in the morning and noon at OKONOMI as grilled fish. Okonomi becomes YUJIRAMEN at night, effectively utilize the bony parts of the fish and offer ramen. It embodies the idea of ​​"mottainai".(No waste)

代表原口雄次は、長年アメリカでの魚卸業として働くなかで、現地の流通事情を知り、活かしきれていない魚やローカルの魚貝類の魅力をもっと紹介していきたいと感じました。その一つの方法としてYUJIRAMENが誕生したました。2012年よりWhole Foods Market、フリーマーケット、バーの一角など、POP UP Restaurantという形で、混ぜ麺をはじめとしたオリジナルラーメンを提供しはじめ、地産地消・無添加にこだわり、日々ラーメンを追求しています。

For many years working as a fish wholesaler in the United States, Yuji Haraguchi, the CEO of Yuji Ramen, learned about local distribution circumstances and wanted to introduce more about the beauty of local fish and shellfish that are not fully utilized. YUJIRAMEN was born as one method. Since 2012, YUJI Ramen has been offering original ramen including mixed noodles(Mazemen) as a pop up at many places such as Whole Foods Market, garage-sales and bars as YUJIRAMEN became more popular around NYC area. In 2014, OKONOMI(restaurant) opened in Brooklyn, NY. Okonomi becomes YUJIRAMEN at night where you can enjoy our original ramen. In 2017, we were invited to open YUJIRAMEN at Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama, Japan. We stick with our concept that was created in Brooklyn and at Ramen Museum, visitors can take joy in having mixed ramen (mazemen) and Tunakotsu Ramen which is also our original ramen using tuna-based broth. YUJIRAMEN pursues ramen daily sticking to the local production/local consumption and using healthy ingredients. 


We have been getting many questions from customers saying, “where should we buy fish?” Despite of the fact that NY is surrounded by the ocean, unfortunately, it was difficult to find fish stores where consumers could find sashimi quality fish. In 2016, Osakana, the cooking school where you can not only able to consume sashimi quality fish but also learn how to cut the fish in a proper way and cook, was opened.


YUJI Ramenは、2017年新横浜ラーメン博物館に“逆輸入ラーメン”として日本初上陸。YUJI Ramen JPNでは、ブルックリン本店での哲学をそのままに、日本の旬の食材を活かしたオリジナルのラーメンを、お楽しみいただけます

YUJI Ramen opened in Japan for the first time as "reverse imported ramen" at the Shin - Yokohama Ramen Museum in 2017. At YUJI Ramen JPN, you can enjoy our original ramen that made use of seasonal ingredients in Japan, using the philosophy at Brooklyn's head office