Lorimer Kyoto invites you into our kitchen + classroom to learn how to prepare fresh fish and local ingredients using Japanese methods and a Mottainai (no waste!) philosophy. We offer a variety of topics in group and private settings. 

Food Education // Shoku Iku

Classes can be booked online  if you have trouble finding an open date, just email us at, and we are happy to do our best to accommodate you. 



魚のさばき方・刺身のつくり方レッスン。 約2時間 一名様¥9,000



This class will give you the knowledge and confidence to take raw fish home and make sashimi yourself. We will explore several techniques used in preparing raw fish in Japanese homes. Participants will get to taste several types of fish with various preparations such as such as yubiki, yakishimo and kobujime. 


Starts 10:00 (Reservation required)


Japanese way of knife  sharpening 

堺の打刃物歴史600年を誇る大阪堺市 青木刃物さんの包丁を使用した研ぎ方レッスン。約1時間 一名様¥18,000


Using a knife from Sakai Takayuki based in Sakai, Osaka where they have more than 600 history of making Japanese knives, you will learn how to sharpen and maintain knives in Japanese ways using different grades of wet stones.  You get to take home the knife you sharpened (¥13,500 value) with your name carved on it. Please schedule this class at least one week ahead and communicate with us to engrave your name on it.

Starts 14:00 (Reservation required)

Knife sharpening / Making Sashimi

堺の打刃物歴史600年を誇る大阪堺市 青木刃物さんの包丁を使用した研ぎ方レッスン後に、研いだ包丁を使用し


オリジナルの名前入り包丁(¥13500相当)をお持ち帰りいただけます   約2時間 一名様¥24,000

You will receive your own knife with your name engraved on it (Class is scheduled more than a week ahead.)  During the class, you will go  through the basic understanding of differences between Japanese and Western knives, as well as how to sharpen them in different ways.  We partner with one of the oldest knife manufacture in Osaka called "Sakai Takayuki." 

After sharpening, you wiil learn how to prepare sashimi with different techniques such as "Yubiki" by using hot water and "Aburi" by using torch burner.  At the end of the class, you will be making your own sashimi lunch set in the format of Ichiju san sai with miso soup, rice, and pickles.

You will take home your knife with you and with the confidence of mastering the art of knife sharping and sashimi making.  You will be able to make sashimi at home after you go back to your country. Please schedule this class at least one week ahead and communicate with us to engrave your name on it.

Starts 12:00 (Reservation required)

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