Breakfast / Lunch



Ichiju sansai is a traditional style of Japanese breakfast. Consisting of white rice served with miso soup, roasted fish, vegetable sides, and an egg.  It represents the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.  


You are invited to come and choose from our daily selection of fish prepared in many different ways such as shio yaki (salt-roasted), saikyo miso (sweet miso),  and yu-an (soy marinated). Aside from this, everybody gets the same set meal like a family. 

Japanese tea pairing is offered with the Ichijugosai as an option.  We will enjoy 4 different kinds of Japanese teas at different temperatures. 


A vegetarian option is also available.  Please inquire in advance for the vegetarian option.




​143 Hashizumecho,



600-8187 Japan




ICHI JU GO SAI (5 sides) with Tea Pairing

ICHI JU GO SAI (5 sides)

ICHI JU SAN SAI  (3 sides)

一汁三菜 / ICHI JU SAN SAI  (3 sides)

1,500 yen + tax

2,000 yen + tax

一汁五菜 / ICHI JU GO SAI  (5 sides)

一汁五菜(日本茶のペアリング付き) / ICHI JU GO SAI (5 sides with tea pairing)

3,000 yen + tax

 *Reservations are available only for this breakfast with tea pairing.  


​ベジタリアンメニュー / VEGETARIAN MENU

1,500 yen + tax

*Please inquire in advance about vegetarian option availability.